“To see your impact — the way you shared stories and the way my girls fell in love with books — inspired me. Reading gave us.

OAK PARK, Calif. – School counselor Holly Baxter had prepared for this moment for months. She gathered the third graders of.

Long after leaving the classroom and returning home, second-grade teacher Keisha Yearby of. On one Tuesday, she read "Ruby.

This is the third and final part of our year-end. Thanksgiving and it could not have been a better book for reflecting on.

The Pittston Memorial Library has teamed up with the Yatesville Bus Company for a program called Books on Buses. Look for.

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I wasn’t prepared for her to read his works until at least third grade (ha!). But surprisingly, if taken slowly and.

When she read the book “Ladybug Girl”, she slid on enormous ladybug wings and cuddled a large. and last year’s literacy.

Dark fantasy, mysteries and books about villains and anti-heroes were popular trends in young adult books in 2019, Greene said. Books that explored diversity, activism and social issues were also.

Research has shown that reading proficiency at the end of third grade is one of the strongest predictors of high school.

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RACINE — Creating the concept for its main character was a family affair, but the book “Flippy the Scientist Dreams Big!” was.

Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick, a Latina artist who lives in Lawrence, Kansas, worked on the mural, but all the ideas came from.

In the third grade Jayne was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and as a result was often confined to bedrest while her playmates.

The Pittston Memorial Library has teamed up with the Yatesville Bus Company for a program called Books on Buses. Look for.

For some reason, Christmas time in a second grade classroom was wonderful. Maybe the Spirit of Christmas really did. When Christmas vacation was on the horizon, we had a day of cleaning out desks.

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And worse yet, nearly four million women have math skills below a third grade level. So for some folks, it makes it very hard.

Daralynn Walker wants young girls of color to see characters. “I decided to set it at a third-grade reading level, since.

Summer Learning Initiative. This article focuses on the summer 2019 evaluation outcomes for the R3 Program. R3 is a collaboration of Newport Partnership for Families, Newport Public Schools, Newport.

Cindy Lange-Kubick: I’ve ended yet another year of loving books and I’m happy to report — and share — my reading list with.

Long after leaving the classroom and returning home, second-grade. read: “I heard on the roof / The prancing and pawing of.