United Cutlery, 2013. This authentically detailed replica is a reproduction of the actual filming prop built by Weta Workshop of New Zealand and used in the motion picture, THE HOBBIT…

We’re all for advancing film technology and bettering how movies are produced and displayed, but for this writer, there is nothing more sleep inducing than the chatter surrounding the newly vaunted 48.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trekked into theaters last weekend with a bevy of storylines stuffed in its travel pack. It marked Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-earth after a lengthy hiatus, and.

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It was allegedly designed to make sports, news programs, and other content look “better," using interpolation to create new frames that in turn allow for a higher screen refresh.

For the past year, James Cameron has been telling anyone who will listen that a lot of the problems of 3D would be worked out with a higher frame rate, rather than the old 24-frames per second.

Yesterday, Peter Jackson posted on Facebook that he was shooting The Hobbit at 48 frames-per-second. Wait, keep reading, it gets interesting, promise, because this could very well mean that at some.

Warning: This story contains some minor discussion of scenes featured in The Hobbit. If you have not seen the film and want to remain entirely unspoiled, we recommend returning after seeing the movie.

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Because I found the film and particularly its hyper-clarity courtesy of 48 frames-per-second projection, a little disturbing and uncomfortable. Jackson’s "The Hobbit" is an unexpected journey in more.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trekked into theaters last weekend with a bevy of storylines stuffed in its travel pack. It marked Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-earth after a lengthy hiatus, and.

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Peter Jackson loves the controversial high-frame-rate format, but no other filmmaker has adopted it as Warners adds screens for "Desolation of Smaug." Says Bryan Singer, "I had concerns." This story.

In the first part of this series we addressed some of the cinematic properties, which follow from the size and proportions of the capturing frame, be it film or digital. This second article is concerned with the temporal aspects of the cinematic look. More precisely, the characteristics of the image following from specific frame rate and shutter speed choices.

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The Hobbit is currently shooting in New Zealand and director Peter Jackson took the time to provide an update on his Facebook page. There were stories circulation that The Hobbit is being shot at 48.

Peter Jackson is taking what he hopes is a huge leap into the future this weekend, releasing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 48 frames per second– a high-frame-rate format that essentially gives.

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4k resolution televisions are now widely available and potential buyers are wondering if the extra resolution is worth it. In some cases it is, but in most, it’s not.

With production on Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit officially beginning last month, Jackson has decided now is a good time to brief fans on the film’s progress – specifically, in regards to the decision to.

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I think the minion nonsense ruined it for a lot of people. It definitely did for me. I remember enjoying the movie when it first came out- it was cute and original, the minions were funny without being too in-your-face, and the story was sweet.

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When you think of all the radical, paradigm-shifting leaps that technology has taken over the last two decades — analog to digital! print to Internet! desktop to mobile! cathode ray tube to liquid.

The Hobbit is finally upon us, and with it, the next step (or misstep) in tentpole movies – 48 Frames Per Second. Even before the film is released, we’re hearing complaints – the most common being.

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a hobbit-hole or held captive by a cave troll, you’re undoubtedly aware that director Peter Jackson’s long-awaited return to Middle-earth, The Hobbit: An Unexpected.

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re heading towards movies being shot and projected at high frame rates," predicted Peter Jackson in 2012 as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first big movie.

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LOS ANGELES — The first time Peter Jackson presented footage from The Hobbit at 48 frames per second, most hissed that they hatesss it. But the high-frame-rate format has had a long journey since that.

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If you are at Collider. see The Hobbit in 48 frames per second. Virtually all of you who do will think the higher frame rate looks strange, at least at first. And yet, Hobbit director Peter Jackson.

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