21 Apr 2015. Should works included in a new Aboriginal Australian art exhibition be. Numerous indigenous activists are distressed, not to say furious, that artworks and artefacts they consider rightfully theirs will. What's more, the very recourse to a terminology of “ownership” imbues ancient cultural. At Home with Art.

15 May 2019. Repatriation: why Western museums should return African artefacts. A mummy of the Ancient Egyptian Priestess “Tamut” (900 BC) on display.

When the situation stabilized, Jordan repatriated artefacts to Iraq. Uraibi told reporters the coming days would see the recovered antiquities packed. /Ancient -artefacts-Iraq-returned-home-Jordanian-officials-1-300-piece-stash.html]. Ancient artefacts looted from Iraq have been returned after smugglers were caught […].

Originally Answered: Should museums offer to return historical objects to their original. in which I believe the items should indeed be returned to their home countries, Why are so many ancient artifacts and fossils found in places outside of.

Repatriation is the return of art or cultural heritage, often referring to ancient or looted art, to their country of origin or former owners (or their heirs). The disputed cultural property items are physical artifacts of a group or. This argument asserts that artifacts should be viewed as universal cultural property and should not be.

27 Nov 2018. Should museum artefacts be returned to the countries they came from?. past moments, for sure the British Museum would be that home.”

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9 Jul 2019. Gandharan objects that will be returned to the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul. the return of more than 150 looted ancient artifacts recovered by UK. to exhibit some of the objects before they are returned home.

Spain returning over 100 stolen artefacts to Ecuador Ancient Artifacts, Quito, South. on Tuesday that a stolen relic had been returned to its home country.

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29 Oct 2010. Should cultural treasures be returned to their country of origin?. Accessibility and context: Is it more important that artifacts be seen in their geographic, and that the modern inhabitants of those ancient regions were unable to. state-of- the-art museum is planned in Athens to house the surviving marbles,

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11 Apr 2018. Demands for repatriation of artefacts seized by marauders are becoming. Home · World. The west's great museums should return their looted treasures. alongside those of ancient Greece and the kingdoms of west Africa.

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5 Nov 2019. Amid calls for the 'return' of artefacts such as the Benin Bronzes and the. present aid an understanding of ancient Athens or the court of Benin.

19 Jul 2005. Even before the word "archaeology" was invented, people have been removing artifacts from their original context – or location. Objects have.

21 Nov 2019. That link should be honoured by returning the artefacts to the place where they. Often artefacts are either stolen or acquired from their rightful homes in. Precious objects have been taken as the spoils of war since ancient.

Should museum art and antiquities be returned to their country of origin? Who is the. archaeologist called Ludwig Borchardt in 1912 in a ancient settlement. artefacts for it back but still the Germans declined. It was put on. the polls are in favour of reuniting the Greek work together in its home country where they belong.

24 Oct 2019. I recently stayed in Athens, and whilst there I took the chance to visit the Acropolis Museum, home to many ancient artifacts found on the rock of.

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27 Nov 2018. Is it time looted artefacts were returned to the cultures that made them?. during the colonial era should be returned through permanent restitution. The Benin expedition of 1897 was a punitive attack on the ancient kingdom of. Prussian Castle rebuilt at great cost to house ethnographic artefacts in Berlin.

Artefacts do not need to be 'returned' for this to happen. Like time machines, far away from their original location, ancient artefacts on show in 21st- century.